Top 3 reasons to include sustainability in your digital marketing strategy

Sustainability is the talk of the town now that conversations on climate action have become very mainstream. From Coca-Cola to IKEA to Starbucks, they’ve all started maintaining clear-cut green positioning. 

Business activities have a significant ecological effect throughout the globe, yet until lately, few corporations considered — much alone acted on — how they were affecting the earth. The need for environmentally responsible enterprises has skyrocketed. 

Stronger sustainability goals will make organizations more resilient and quicker to adapt as they try to reinvent themselves to survive these challenging times.

Today’s customers are actively looking for more environmentally friendly products and/or services, and investors are examining firms’ environmental, social, and governance (ESG) activities before making financial decisions.

In such a sudden and complicated shift, it is important to understand how sustainability will benefit you, speaking from a digital marketing perspective.

Getting a newer target market to know about your business

70% of Millennials are prepared to pay more for businesses that support a cause that is important to them. Businesses, regardless of industry, are thus vying for the attention of the younger generations, who are gaining significant purchasing power. Consumers in this age bracket, on the whole, are major supporters of sustainability and want to support firms that share similar ideals, such as making the world a safer, cleaner place to live.

Including sustainable practices in your marketing approach will help brands capture this lucrative target market and also retain existing ones while increasing brand loyalty and engagement.

Your active green digital marketing will push your brand and win over more people and boost brand recognition.

Finance and Investment benefits

For investment and finance, sustainability has become a critical criterion:

Lenders and investors of small and medium-sized businesses have now started to consider sustainability and eco-friendly positioning when assessing and evaluating risk. Some lenders and investors increasingly see firms that do not have sustainability strategies as a possible ethical and reputational risk rather than a distraction to the bottom line.

Indian banks have several green initiatives promoting eco-friendly and sustainable businesses.

With events such as COP26 and the US investing over 1.7 trillion dollars into climate action, it looks like the state’s fast-tracking sustainability efforts are now very well-supported. India has started to mandate the reporting of sustainable practices. Businesses must then realize the impact of government support for sustainability. Digital marketing your sustainable positioning impacts a lot of these credit lines that could open up for your business. Businesses will financially benefit from governmental benefits, vendor schemes and bank finances, once they start openly clarifying their green approach.

Sustainable development is no longer an option; it is a need.

While switching to a more sustainable marketing strategy boosts demand, long-term financials, brand image, and other company indicators, the most immediate motivation to do so is to enhance the planet at large.

Environmentally friendly enterprises are projected to gain in popularity in the future years. Corporations, small enterprises, and people are all working together to have a positive impact on the environment. Promote your environmentally friendly marketing to environmentally conscious customers, establish an emotional connection with them, and include green initiatives into your brand’s story.

This makes up for a collective conscience building. Your competitors, your vendors, your suppliers, your ex-employees, will all fall into the rhythm of sustainability. Who knows? Your brand might become a trailblazer!